Concierge Wilderness

Concierge Wilderness

Therapy Associates offers a specialized wilderness therapy experience for teens who are stagnated in their current residential treatment program.  The wilderness experience tends to be an effective intervention for breaking through resistance to engaging in the current program milieu.  Rather than removing a teen from their current program, concierge wilderness allows the teen to temporarily transition into a wilderness setting for an intensive therapeutic wilderness experience while maintaining an on-going connection with their current program.

Short-Term Wilderness Intervention

Therapy Associates works with several residential treatment programs in offering a short-term wilderness intervention for their students with the shared goal of returning the youth back to the program more ready to fully benefit from the program.  

While in the wilderness youth gain a greater appreciation for the opportunity to be in treatment and develop a  stronger commitment to participating in the therapy services offered to them.

The short-term wilderness experience ranges from two weeks to six weeks in length based on student progress.  The youth returns to their program when their own program therapist is satisfied they are ready to return and fully engage in the program structure and activity.  

Benefits of Therapy Associates Concierge Wilderness include:


Wilderness treatment involves youth taking responsibility for every aspect of their well-being from cooking for themselves, to cleaning and maintaining their own cooking equipment,  to learning to reside in a group community setting with other youth and most importantly learning to find a sense of okayness within themselves away from all other dependencies in their life.  Wilderness Treatment reveals who the youth is at their "core" and allows for the development of an "authentic" identity.


Our team has a proven track record of safety having successfully providing a high impact wilderness experience for thousands of teens over the past fifteen years.  Safety is paramount and we have created a set of procedures that ensure student safety.


Parents continue to pay the same daily rate as the residential treatment program as opposed to a much higher daily rate found in traditional wilderness programs.

Length of stay

Time in the wilderness tends to be shorter in comparison to traditional wilderness programs.

Continuity with Therapy

Youth and their parents continue to work with their same program therapist as opposed to having to re-adjust to a new therapist and a shared goal of returning the youth to their original program.


Therapy Associates staff work closely with the referring program treatment team creating a customized wilderness experience for each youth based on their clinical needs and all decision-making regarding the course of treatment is made collaboratively with the referring program.


The Wilderness Experience

Youth who participate in wilderness intervention experience outdoor youth treatment at its finest with among the most experienced and skilled team in the country in the Therapy Associates clinical team.

Program experiences include:

Wilderness Hygiene

Camp Chores    

Low Impact Camping

Campfire Cooking

Wilderness  Nutrition

Journal Writing

Survival Pack

Bow Drill Fire      

 Group Shelter          

Group Hikes        




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