Daryl Lytle

Daryl Lytle, LCMHC

Daryl Lytle, LCMHC, brings 10 years of clinical counseling experience to Therapy Associates.  He is a certified trauma therapist (TF-CBT), and board certified neurofeedback clinician (BCN).  Daryl uses a positive, strength based approach and believes that his clients are not defined by their problems, but by learning to overcome them.

Daryl has extensive experience working with youth, their families, and adults with complex mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, addiction, anger, behavior, trauma, PTSD, developmental trauma, attachment and adoption issues.  Daryl is a military veteran and understands the unique challenges peace-time and deployed service may have on mental health and other issues.

Daryl is a board certified neurofeedback clinician and has seen amazing results when combined with counseling.  Neurofeedback is a process where the computer rewards you by playing music, video, or other type of feedback when it senses the desired focused, relaxed, calming, or other brainwave patterns.  Neurofeedback may help with stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, PTSD, sleep, and many other issues.

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