Lea Francis-Poll

Lea is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor Intern who has worked with youth and persons with disabilities since the achievement of her bachelor’s science degree at Southern Utah University in 1987.  She worked as a youth advocate for Iron County and a child and family services worker for the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah.  After raising four successful children who demonstrate compassion for others in their daily lives, she worked as a drug and alcohol counselor intern for one year before returning to Southern Utah University to complete her teaching certification in special education K-12 and secondary education, psychology 8-12.  Lea taught special needs English and math, English and creative writing, life skills, and behavioral skills for six years.  During this time, she designed and implemented behavioral skills programming in three schools for youth with behavioral difficulties.  Lea worked again as a drug and alcohol counselor intern in Saint George and then returned to her home in Nevada where she worked in Nevada state youth corrections monitoring and mentoring youth who had committed felony crimes.  Lea has returned again to Saint George after a year in Portland, Oregon where she felt honored to volunteer at the US Veterans Administration’s Community Resource and Referral Center providing services to veterans of our United States armed forces.  During that time she also volunteered at CityTeam International Portland in women’s services.  Lea is passionate about empowering women to become able to create improved lives for themselves and their children.  She appreciates opportunities to work closely with adults, youth, and children in special circumstances.  Lea is deeply committed to assist in the improvement of life for those whose courage inspires hope for a better tomorrow.

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Lea Frances-Poll

Lea Frances-Poll

Lea Frances-Poll

For the record: I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor currently practicing psychotherapy in the state of Utah.  I work with youth and families in outpatient and inpatient settings.  I facilitate parenting classes for parents who desire to achieve the kind of conscious parenting that produces adults who look for opportunities to share compassion for others in their daily lives.  I am a certified Prime for Life instructor.  Prime for Life is a 16 hour experience that teaches the value of choices that will protect the things we value.  I am the author of Linen a metaphor of codependency.

The story behind the scenes:  I have spent my professional life observing, and personal life experiencing, both ultimate joy and the indelible pain that comes from growth. I am passionate about empowering courageous women to become able to create improved lives for themselves and their children.  I am deeply committed to assist in the enrichment of life for those whose valor, in other words “sand”, inspires hope for a better tomorrow.

Through subsequent conversations, I have learned that my son believes that “sand” is more than fortitude.  The concept of “sand” includes courage, resiliency, tenacity, determination, and growth.  As he and I and his siblings had shared the experiences of his childhood, he had realized that good times weren’t always good and that bad times were rarely bad.  Along with me, the mom, he and his brothers and sister have learned to truly value every life experience.


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