Rates and Fees

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Rates and Fees

Therapy Associates is among the most affordable counseling offices in the St. George area.  

Quality treatment at affordable rates in St. George, Utah

Therapy Associates fees for services:

$120 Ph.D. Level Initial assessment appointment

$110 Ph.D Level individual/family therapy sessions


$110 Masters Level Initial assessment appointment

$90 Masters Level individual/family therapy sessions


$30 for group therapy sessions. 

Therapy Associates requires payment at the time of service.  For clients that have insurance coverage, we can provide you with a verification of benefits and help you determine what portion of the cost of treatment your insurance company will cover.  Many insurance companies require that a deductable is met before providing coverage and many insurance companies require a co-pay ranging from $15 to $50 per session. 

Court-Ordered Assessments in St. George, Utah

The rates on Court-Ordered Assessments are as follows:

$150 Mental Health Assessment                         

$150 Substance Abuse Evaluation                     

$350 Youth Sexual Behavior Risk Assessment (SBRA)

$400 Domestic Violence Perpetrator Assessment                 

$700 Adult Sexual Behavior Risk Assessment (SBRA)

$2000 Youth/Adult Psycho-sexual Assessment

$2000 Psychological Evaluation                  

$4000-$5500 Custody Evaluation                                     

Therapy Associates has successfully billed the following insurance companies:

*Our office personnel can run a verification of benefits to determine what portion of treatment your insurance company will cover.


*Blue Cross/Blue Shield



*United Health Care



*Select Health

*Utah Medicaid (Southwest Center Contract)

*Foster Care Medicaid

*University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Network


EAP Plans:

Eap Consultants EAP

Blomquist Hale EAP

Comp Psych EAP

Aetna EAP

Employee Family Resources EAP

Comprehensive Behavioral Health EAP

New Directions Behavior Health EAP

Mines EAP


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